Our Story

In 1990, a group of people from various churches in Cranfield joined together to perform a musical productions of ‘Jesus Folk’. This was a Christian musical written by Gowan and Laarsons from the Salvation Army.

Following on from this success, the group, then evolved into Jesus Folk, and decided to perform the sequel, ‘Spirit’, with Freda Parsons as producer and Gordon Ritchie as musical director and this was followed on with “Glory”, proving very popular and raising large amounts of money for charity. Unfortunately Jesus Folk was disbanded in 1995.

However, remaining members of Jesus Folk were approached to perform at the Christmas Eve midnight services at the Parish Church and re-emerged with Jean Lloyd, an original member of Jesus Folk, as musical director.

In 2003 it was decided to change the name to ‘Sounds Familiar’ (as the choir sang familiar songs with a difference) and the choir went on from strength to strength. During this period, Sounds Familiar took part in the biennial Voices for Hospices concerts, raising thousands of pounds for our local hospices.

In 2011, Sounds Familiar transformed into Sounds Familiar Community Choir and has spread its wings with half the choir now coming from neighbouring villages.

2015 found Sounds Familiar celebrating 25 years of singing for fun and fundraising for various charities with a very successful concert held at Cranfield University, where we were joined by old members and shared many memories. The choir continues to go on from strength to strength led by Jean Lloyd, who continues to be our fabulous Musical Director, and her sidekick Cara Butterworth, as our amazing accompanist.

The choir continues to raise money for charity, choosing 2 charities each year, nominated by the choir members. Their popular summer and Xmas concerts are their mainstay, supplemented with several carol singing sessions and other various charity functions that they are invited to perform at.

 Sounds Familiar Community Choir are always willing to help support any local charity events.

For information on this year’s nominated charities please click here